A Harmonious blend of quality,Innovation and Technology

Who We Are

A Harmonious blend of quality, Innovation and Technology

INFIT AUTOWORLD Quality work culture, dedicated team, and well-organized infrastructure form the base of our organization. This young and dynamic consortium of auto care specialists design and make well-proportioned, good looking, comfortable and cost-effective seating solutions for your car.

Being one of the most promising Car Seat Cover Manufacturers and Suppliers based in Kochi, with units at Edayaar and Kochi, at Infit, we believe that to achieve unsurpassed quality excellence, a blend of quality, innovation and technology is essential. Precisely why, the company is backed by a talented team of designers and technicians, using top-notch machineries, equipments and other raw materials ....... Read More

News and Events

  • Sure, you got your car.
    But is it comfortable enough?
    Does it reflect your style?

    Does the car meet the luxury standards you have set for yourself? And above all, how far are you willing to spend additionally, since you have already spent a fortune to buy the car of your dreams? Here’s the best possible answer to your needs.

  • The Brand new "Autosuit Car Seat Covers" from Infit Autoworld

    Most cars these days come with a lot of variables—arm rests, contours, and even air bags along the sides. A standard seat cover, therefore, might not fit. Autosuit seat covers are high-quality, well-made, and (if need be so) custom-fit. Made as per the requirement of the clients with perfect stitching in varied designs, pattern and style for every type of car.

  • Now Autosuit available!!

    Now Autosuit car seat covers available in the Cochin market through all leading car accessories shops in Cochin Launched in Cochin 10th January 2014